Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many points will seasoned tradelines add to my credit score?
A. Everyone is different and so is their credit history. Each initiative taken will have a different impact on each person. We can estimate a range based on previous results, but there are so many factors it is impossible to give an exact answer. We have seen anywhere from 10 points to 160.

Q. How long until I see an impact on my score?
A. You will be added to the tradeline as an authorized user no later than 48 hours after receiving payment and contracts. The tradeline will report to your credit score 3-10 days after the statement date. We will tell you exactly when you can expect to see a noticeable difference. This could take 3 to 45 days, depending on when the statement date is.

Q. How long will I see the benefit?
A. In most cases, an account will report up to 7 years on a credit profile however, we cannot not guarantee specific posting longevity.

Q. Once I purchase a seasoned tradeline, how will I know when it posts?
A. You will be given an estimated posting date but we encourage that you sign up for credit monitoring with so that you can monitor the progress yourself. CreditCheckTotal is the only service we have found that allows you to update your credit every day, versus only once a month.

Q. How will this be helpful again?
A. Seasoned tradelines will increase your score and establish credit history. This opens up the door to cheaper loans, higher limits, owning a home, getting a job, special promotions, buying a car, renting, etc. Good credit truly is a huge asset and can save you thousands of dollars.

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