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We pride ourselves on our ability to find creative, legal, customized ways to immediately increase your credit score and so that we give you the best advice, we need to get the complete picture. First, we recommend that you sign up for a credit monitoring service which will allow you to track your credit score and stay up to date with the progress real-time on your own.

We reccomend using CreditCheckTotal.com as your monitoring service because they allow you to update your report and score once a day, versus once a month. This will give you up to the minute alerts on any changes made to you credit report, and allow you to track your progress.

Once you sign up with them (or other service), submit your information by using the box to the right. Otherwise, you can email us here or call us at 612-216-2524. Customer service is highly important to us and we try to be as accessible as possible.

Once we receive your information, a credit specialist will get a hold of you within 24 hours to discuss your objectives. From that time, it could be a couple days before you a dramatic increase in score. We will get you where you want to go.  

Credit monitoring is required for guaranteed performance

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