Our Tools

These are just some of the tools we use to optimize credit scores. These concepts either target a specific aspect of the credit score or help out in multiple ways. We have a couple other resources that allow us to see such incredible results but don't want to give away everything yet!  All of our techniques are legal and will pass all underwriting requirements.

Seasoned Tradeline

A trade account, credit line, installment loan, any debt that reports to the credit bureaus and was opened prior to today. For example a credit card, car loan, student loan, merchant account that was opened in the past, and has been reporting to the credit agencies for a period of time. When someone opens a credit account they become the primary user. If they have a spouse, child, family member, business partner, etc, that also needs access to the account, the primary user can add an authorized user.

Authorized User

Some one who has been given access to a tradeline. The concept we are benefiting from is that when an authorized user is added to a account, they immediately inherit the entire payment history (good or bad). However, they have no recourse for the debt owed and can take themselves off at anytime. "Piggybacking" is the concept we are taking advantage of here. The reason why it still works is because in 2008 the credit bureaus changed their algorithms to not include authorized user accounts. As a result, women saw their credit scores drop and retail stores saw a decrease in credit cards. This along with discrimination forced the credit bureaus to recognize authorized user accounts again.

Inquiry Removal

An inquiry occurs whenever you apply for credit and a lender performs a "hard pull" of your credit report. Inquiries are bad because too many of them can indicate to a creditor that you're "credit hungry" and may be in financial trouble.    Even though "new credit" is only 10% of the credit score equation, removing inquiries is like a car wash and improves the appearance of your credit file. Erroneous inquiries are unauthorized credit pulls, out of date, or incomplete. Regardles, they are fairly easy to remove and can be done pretty quickly.

Our Secret Tricks, and Inside Resources

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